CysBOX System – Autopilot for sailboats
sailingboat autopilot  - CysBOX system - modules and remote control with the seagull ...

CysBOX System, Autopilot for sailboats, is a set of marine electronics equipment optimized for boat management, navigation and performance analysis software.
CysBOX is the central unit, CysPWR the power unit that controls the bar, CysRC the remote control.
The autopilot software is open-source.

While remaining compatible with existing wiring (NMEA183, NMEA2000, etc.), CysBOX System is an open and scalable system which allows the electronic management of the boat by using the most recent technologies (ARM processors, radiocommunications, etc.), and the use of advanced software applications (autopilot, alarms, navigation, ….),

Applications :

CyPilot serves as the primary application within the CysBOX system. This inovative and scalable autopilot offers a range of operating modes, spanning from the fundamental PID mode to more sophisticated options like auto-tuning mode, among others. Moreover, it facilitates the creation of novel operating modes through self-learning algorithms (learning mode) and enables experimentation with various learning techniques. Additionally, this application, built on open-source software, is made available under the GPL V3 license or any subsequent version.

CysBOX System is an open-source system which also allows the use of most navigation software: qtVlm, OpenCPN, Signal K server, …

Material :

CysBOX System is composed of the modules:

  • CysBOX: central unit, “heart” of the system, which offers advanced functionalities based on open-source software: existing software (signal-K server, mapping, etc.) or own developments (driver, alarm management, etc.)
    • Processor:
      • Quad-core ARM at 1.5GHz (Raspberry Pi4B)
    • Connectivity:
      • USB: 3 x USB “Host”
      • PC: 1 x USB “Device”
      • NMEA1, NMEA2: 2 x NMEA0183
      • COM1, COM2: 2 x HS serial links (1 Pilot, 1 GP)
      • CAN: 1 x NMEA2000
      • AUDIO: 1 x Analog/Audio
      • HDMI: 1 x Video (optional external screen)
      • GPS: 1 x SMA (active GPS antenna)
      • RF: 1 x SMA (remote control RF antenna)
      • LAN: 1 RJ45 Gigabit/Ethernet
    • Internal features:
      • Pi4B Slot:
        • I/O 40 and USB3
        • Power Management
        • Gigabit/Ethernet and Wi-Fi
        • Bluetooth
      • USB HUB (1 reversible port for PC connection)
      • GPS: update rate up to 18Hz (U-Blox)
      • 9-axis IMU: 10Hz measurement frequency (BNO085-Hillcrestlabs)
      • RF433Mhz: CysRC driver remote control (RFM69)
      • UART HS:
        • NMEA2000 (CAN Gateway ATMEGA64M1)
        • NMEA0183 (2)
        • HS serial port (2 including CysPWR pilot link)
      • 433MHz radio interface (dedicated to the CysRC pilot remote control)
      • Analog/Audio interface
    • Apps:
      • Pilot (cypilot)
      • Voice alarms (cyalarm)
      • open source applications compatible with Raspberry OS
  • CysPWR : power unit for rudder control
    • Processor:
      • ATMEGA64M1
    • Connectivity:
      • Power: 1 x DC04 Power input (max 40A)
      • Motor: 1 x DC04 Helm motor output (ex: L&S actuator, max 40A)
      • Rudder: 1 x AU05 Rudder angle sensor and temperature sensor inputs (optional)
      • Clutch: 1 x AU05 Cylinder clutch output and bar stop inputs (optional)
      • Serial: 1 x AU05 HS CysBOX serial link
      • CAN: 1 x NMEA2000 (optional)
  • CysRC : remote control (IP68)
    • 433MHz radio
    • optimized software
    • changing mode via remote control
    • tack command
    • consumption optimization
    • IP68