Buy CysBOX / CysPWR / CysRC

The CysBOX / CysPWR / CysRC development kit allows to sail differently, with open software, and to create an open, efficient and scalable boat control and navigation environment by selecting the best software for each functionality (pilot , cartography, etc.).

The different hardware modules are designed giving priority to quality and robustness, while offering a very efficient and innovative autopilot.

If you are interested in these modules and accessories, the price and availability list can be provided upon request :

  • CysBOX modules
    • CysBOX PCB Assembly (PCB assembly only)
    • CysBOX without Raspberry (PCB assembly+Case components kit without Raspberry)
    • CysBOX Complete with 64GB SD (PCB assembly+Case components kit+
      Raspberry PI4-8 GB Model B+SD 64GB preinstalled)
  • CysPWR modules
    • CysPWR PCB Assembly (PCB assembly only)
    • CysPWR PCB complete (PCB assembly+Case components kit)
  • CysRC modules
    • CysRC Complete (PCB assembly+Case components kit)
  • Accessories
    • HPC-000505-0MF-DSA01(NMEA 2000 cable)
    • AU-05BFFM-LR6A02 (IP68 Cable)
    • ADC-04AFFM-LL7A02 (IP68 Cable)
    • 13ST7 (IP67 Full HD Touch screen)
    • RAM-101U-2461 type C (Support Ram Mount for screen)
    • K400 (USB keyboard)
    • M325 (USB mouse)

CE regulatory notice

The following regulatory notices apply to the CysBOX Autopilot DK, which includes the CysBOX, CysPWR, and CysRC evaluation boards.

Currently, full compliance tests of this kit with CE rules are underway, and while waiting for this process to be completed, these elements allow:

• product developers to evaluate the circuitry and software solutions associated with the kit to determine whether it is appropriate to incorporate these elements into a finished product,

• software developers to write software applications for use with the final product.

Although each card is designed to perform and comply with CE regulations, this kit is not a finished product and once assembled it cannot be resold or otherwise marketed unless all required CE certifications are met. have been fully verified. Operation is subject to the condition that this product does not cause harmful interference to licensed radio stations and that this product accepts harmful interference.