Since 2020, with Cybèle Services we wish to combine passion and technology. The CysBOX project is part of this orientation with Cybele Sailing and the development of a new range of marine electronics products using the latest technologies (IOT Internet of Objects, Wireless, IP, etc.) and implementing an open-source approach which has already revolutionized many electronic and IT fields

CysBOX System is an open and scalable system which allows electronic management of the boat by using the most recent technologies (ARM processors, radio communications, etc.) while remaining compatible with existing wiring (NMEA183, NMEA2000, etc.), and which is made up of :

  •  CysBOX: central unit, “heart” of the system, which offers advanced functionalities based on open-source software: existing software (signal-K server, mapping, etc.) or own developments (pilot, alarm management, etc.)
  • CysPWR: power unit for helm control
sailingboat autopilot - CysBOX System modules