Open Software

CysBOX compatible software

The functionalities of the CysBOX system are provided by different software modules. The main one is the Autopilot feature, which is provided by the CyPilot software.

Software specifically adapted to the CysBOX system:
CyPilot :
CysBOX sailboat autopilot - CyPilot software associated with the CysPWR helm control module

This software, combined with the CysPWR rudder control module, offers Autopilot features and is currently being tested in real navigation. It is more specifically designed for sailboats, with a goal of performance, reliability and adaptability to the boat and its environment:

  • Multiple modes of operation: compass heading, GPS heading, real wind, apparent wind, rudder angle, …
  • Different processing algorithms: “simple” with basic PID, “auto-tuning” with automatic selection of PID parameters according to conditions, “auto-learning” with a self-learning module
  • High-speed data acquisition: GPS up to 18Hz, Wind up to 10Hz, IMU, …
  • Remote control 433MHz IP68
CyAlarm :
CysBOX sailboat autopilot - CyAlarm voice synthesis alarm reporting system

The CyAlarm “voice synthesis alarm reporting system” assists the skipper to monitor the main parameters available on the boat, from the different sensors: wind, depth, loch, …
Alarm messages are played on the Audio output of the CysBOX system to be mixed with the audio output of the on-board VHF, and to be transmitted to the cockpit speaker.

Other compatible software:

qtVlm  : This is our preferred solution for navigation, routing, … The sofware can be easily configurated to interface via TCP with CyPilot acting as a multiple-sensor gateway and concentrator.


The combination CyPilot + qtVlm is used on our main testing sailboat, an A40 sailboat. The software can be directly installed on the internal Raspberry Pi4 processor.

SignalK server : The installation of the SignalK server makes it easier to manage the various information from the sensors and the autopilot software.
Note that SignalK server can be optionnaly installed when using the CyPilot installation procedure.

OpenCPN  : The CysBOX system also allows the use of navigation software such as OpenCPN that can be either directly installed on the internal Raspberry Pi4 processor or on a PC.

Notes :

  • CyPilot: The first tests with autopilot mode of the CysBOX hardware platform were carried out with the “pypilot” software. The CyPilot software was then quickly developed in order to optimize for this platform, and this software now uses some different technical solutions (IMU, bar angle control, processing algorithms, sensors, …)
  • CyAlarm: The software is the result of a development carried out during the preparation of the sailboat Nacira 6.50 Coeur Fidele-721 for the MiniTransat 2015.
  • The CyPilot software contains software developed by third parties, including code subject to the GNU General Public License (“GPL”), Version 1 / Version 2 / Version 3 or GNU Lesser General Public License (“LGPL”).

You may use the software provided that you follow the terms of the GPL license.

In order to comply with the terms of the GPL, machine-readable source code of GPL-subject software can be obtained upon request.